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The Cat Rules for Trading and Life

by D.C Penny



Cat Rule 1:  The passion to trade is the passion to prepare to trade.

Cat Rule 2:  Less is more.

Cat Rule 3:  Hire it done - In the long run it is cheaper

Cat Rule 4:  Concentrate on the big pictrure.

Cat Rule 5:  Focus, Focus, Focus

Cat Rule 6:  Do not force trades

Cat Rule 7:  Sometimes the best trade is no trade.

Cat Rule 8:  You cant trade like Whale unless you learn the basics.

Cat Rule 9:  You must have the right tools.

Cat Rule 10: The trend is your friend, your ego is not

Cat Rule 11: You do not have to know how the race car is built to drive it to win.

Cat Rule 12: Count your money once a year.

Cat Rule 13: Once you find a diamond mine, work it until it pays out.

Cat Rule 14: Don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

Cat Rule 15: Concentrate on your diamond mine, not the surrounding countryside.

Cat Rule 16: When in doubt, sit on your hands.

Cat Rule 17: Trading is not investing - - an investor is a strategist;a trader is a tactician.

Cat Rule 18: Be careful not to get caught being penny wise and pound foolish

Cat Rule 19: Your only competitor is you.

Cat Rule 20: Most who fail at trading, listen but do not hear.

Cat Rule 21: Fast profits are often an illusion, because we tend to igore the fast losses

                  that went with them.

Cat Rule 22: The joy in life is in the wanting, not the having.

Cat Rule 23: Follow Winston Churchill's rule - never fail to relieve yourself just before

                  the market opens

Cat Rule 24: You are a professional trader - trading hours must be sacred...period.

Cat Rule 25: Winners do.....losers make excuses

Cat Rule 26: Eat beans and build your!

Cat Rule 27: Never short a runner

Cat Rule 28: No momo -no trade.

Cat Rule 29: To not trade may cost you profit, but to trade unprepared may well cost

                  you your port.

Cat Rule 30: Never trade when you are ill or distracted...there will always be other days.

Cat Rule 31: A blown stop is the most expensive mistake you will ever make.

Cat Rule 32: The Market is always right and the system never makes a mistake.

Cat Rule 33: People make trading much harder than it is.

Cat Rule 34: Capital preservation uber alles!

Cat Rule 35: Never waste time worrying about taxes, taxes (fed state local) add up to

                  50% period.

Cat Rule 36:  A trader who does not have a tried and true method will suffer a lot more

                  emotional upheaval than on who is trading a successful trading plan.

Cat Rule 37: If you don't want to get hit with a poker, get a daytrader friendly broker.

Cat Rule 38: Doubling down is sure death.

Cat Rule 39: Slower is faster.

Cat Rule 40: Treat every trade like a scalp until it proves itself otherwise.

Cat Rule 41: We make life a struggle, and therefore we make trading a struggle.

Cat Rule 42: Nothing will work unless you do.

Cat Rule 43: Never trade against the 50 MA.

Cat Rule 44: Imitation is cheaper than invention!

Cat Rule 45: Do not hold a trade into economic news.

Cat Rule 46: If it can go either way, stay away.

Cat Rule 47: When the 50 MA goes flat, time to grab your hat.

Cat Rule 48: Patience pays big dividends.

Cat Rule 49: No trade is important - there will always be another opportunuity.

Cat Rule 50: Never pay more than 10% down, and never pay a penny more until the

                  job is completed.

Cat Rule 51: Scared money never wins!!

Cat Rule 52: You cannot grow unless you are wiling to embrace the truth.

Cat Rule 53: The longer the trade, the greater the risk.

Cat Rule 54: Trading is a profession where absolutely no excuses are tolerated.

Cat Rule 55: Develop a winning attitude, because if your attitude is good, nothing can

                  stop you, but if it is bad....nothing can help you!  

Cat Rule 56:  Don't be a fanatic!  

Cat Rule 57:  Sometimes, there simple are no good setups.  











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