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To make connecting to the MTrader mIRC Chatrooms easier and more convenient, we have developed our own version of mIRC. For increased stability and security, the MTrader mIRC connects to a private server.  Follow these easy steps to install and connect.

Step 1. Install the mIRC software

Note about Virus Alerts:  Some antivirus software such as AVG and Avast will flag the following exe file as having a virus.  It does NOT contain a virus, but you may have to disable your antivirus software to use our version.  If you do not wish to do that, you can download a newer version of mIRC at:  click here   With the newer version however, the following instructions will not work.  Ken will need to show you how to connect once you connect to the hotcomm chatroom.

To download the MTrader version of mIRC, click here.

The software installer will be saved in a zip folder. Inside the folder you will find the mtrader-v2.exe file. Double click on this file and follow the instructions to install the MTrader mIRC software.


Step 2. Enter your information 

Once you have launched the mIRC program, you will be asked for your Nickname and Password. Please use the Name and Password sent to you in your welcome email.


Step 3. Enter server number

Next you will see a Status box that says “Unable to resolve IRC server“.  In that box type in   /server  (hit "enter")  You should then be connected to the MTrader chatrooms.


Step 4. Enter the Chatrooms

After you have entered the server number and hit enter, you should automatically be connected to the MTrader Classroom (#mtclass), and our backup room MTrader (#mtrader).  To move between the rooms, simply click on the #mtclass and #mtrader icons at the top. 


For More Information on how to use mIRC, please visit our mIRC Tutorial







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