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Connecting to the MTrader web-conferencing room...



To access the MTrader conference room, use your web browser and go to:


You will see this login page:


Type in your email address and the password you received in your welcome email when you subscribed with us. It is case sensitive so make sure your CAPS-LOCK is off.  Your email address will not show up in the room.

If you would like the chatroom to open in a separate browser window from the charts and audio, check the "2 Windows" box. This works well if you do not need to see the charts, so you can more easily resize the chatrooms to take up less space.

Finally click on "Click Here to Enter Room".  You will then have an opportunity to enter your name/nickname.  If you would like to use a single nickname, leave the last name blank. 

Audio is delivered through your computer so ensure that you have speakers working or a headset.    

Internet Explorer and Firefox is supported.  I tried Google Chrome and it works ok, but its not officially supported.  It will also be helpful if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.  A free download is available from Adobe here:  

If you have any problems or technical difficulties, you might find this Attendee Guide helpful.  Support information is located there, as well as tips for using the chatroom.  








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