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Classroom Glossary..

We sometimes get a little cryptic in the classroom, using abreviations and terminology that appear to make no sense. I realize that can make a person feel confused and left out, and that is certainly not our intention!  So to let you in on the technical terms, inside jokes and stuff we have made up, here is a short glossary. 



Bottom Territory (or BT) 

When the %D gets below 20 and we are zooming in looking for the rest of the indicators to fall in line to trigger an entry long, or an exit.

Top Territory (or TT) 

When the %D gets above 80 and we are zooming in looking for the rest of the indicators to fall in line to trigger an entry short, or an exit.

Dave Drain (or DD)           

This is a trade where the stop is set, and the trade is held until either the target or the stop is hit. An all-or-nothing trade. The idea is that with such cut and dry parameters, it cuts down on emotional pressure. See catman's Dave Drain Class.

The Funnel                      

The triangle formed within the 50 and 200 MAs. An entry is triggered when the price breaks above or below the funnel in our entry chart.

The MA Test

This is what we call the point when the 5 MA turns towards the 15 MA and they "test".   There is often initial hesitation there at the MA test, even if it eventually crosses, so that is often a conservative exit area.  If the 5 MA then crosses the 15 MA, that confirms the direction and we hold the trade.


When the MA test fails and the 5 MA "refuses" to cross above/below the 15 MA, we call that the "refusal". It if often a play in the direction that the 5 MA turns, which we call a "Refusal Play"


Yesterday's low of day       


Yesterday's high of day


Pivot, S1, S2, R1, R2  

Central Pivot, First Support, Second Support, First Resistance, Second Resistance   (see stuff on pivots)           







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