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Gimmie's Trading System



This is a rough outline of the components in my trading system.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Shawn Klug

       A.  Setting the Trade Up - Anticipation


       Predictability =

            Patterns (following either common open patterns or other currently tracked patterns)
            Potential (adequate price movement vs. average range)
            Pace (adequate current volume)
            Pivots (working off of pivot points or other support/resistance points)
            Participation (following the market trend)

      B.  Figuring the Risk vs Reward

           1. Target… conservative or aggressive
           2. Stop
           3. Entry

     C.  Reading the Entry/Exit Point - Confirmation

           1. Catman system (moving averages, stochastics, OBV)

           2. Tape-reading (level one or level two)








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