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MTrader Membership Includes...


Advanced web-conferencing technology allows you to listen to running commentary and see real-time streaming charts, as well as text into the two separate chatrooms that are included in your MTrader Membership.  Listen in and speak directly to Ken and the MTrader crew while they trade.


The Trading Room  with Ken Wolff

The focus of this chatroom is professional high-potential momentum trading, with tight risk management.  We go where the momentum is, and that usually means the hottest high-volume news stocks and market leaders.


The Classroom  with Shawn Klug (aka Gimmie) and Catman


The focus of this chatroom is to offer beginners and those who are struggling, a complete step-by-step technical trading system.

We follow ETFs and a small basket of stocks closely every morning, to teach trading strategies and techniques in real-time and ingrain the importance of a disciplined, systematic approach.


Daily Trading Classes

Every day from 12:30 to 13:30ET we offer online trading education classes. This gives us the opportunity to go over the strategies and methods that were put into action during the morning trading. 

All text classes are emailed to members so you don't miss out if you couldn't make it. And you can always email your questions.

Read a Sample Class


Early Trades Advisory    

Ken's daily morning email gives his assessment of the premarket action, market news and any early trades that he will be focusing on.


MTrader Membership, including all services, is $230 per month. 

If you have any questions about membership please contact us at:



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