Welcome! If you’re on our page then you likely have a strong interest in the world of Forex trading. Forex is the world’s largest marketplace where billions exchange hands for both profit and simply to trade goods and services. With advances in financial technology it has allowed the retail trader to access the Forex markets and begin building portfolios and positions. There are several ways to access the market through binary options, CFD’s and physical currency trading.

Our website Mtrader.com is here to help you make an informed decision on all things Forex. From brokers to platforms, software’s to services, it’s important that you are able to make a well informed decision to give you the highest potential at making profits.

Brokers and Platforms

We aim to provide you with in depth reviews of the most popular platforms and brokers. To do this, we start by evaluating the products and services that enable you to access the markets. From there, we’ll provide you with insight on how each company operates and what they can uniquely offer you as a trader. Building on that, we’ll openly comment on both the good and bad aspects of the broker or platform, ensuring you know as much as possible.

While it is ultimately up to you, we strive to eliminate much of the work and give you a head start in the due diligence process.


By utilizing our site we do generate revenue through advertisements and affiliations. What that means is if you follow a link within our website to sign up and begin trading on a specific broker our company does earn revenue.

However, do not let that change your opinion because this website will offer unbiased and thorough reviews of the most widely used and traded platforms. Our goal is to build trust and provide you with the best information possible, both good and bad. The Forex market is the largest market in the World and can be intimidating if you are new.

Also you can rest assured that we will only publish information on companies that are licensed and have a good reputation within the marketplace. There are many untrustworthy companies out there and we will not support their efforts and direct you to these brokers and platforms.


With any investment product there is risk involved, especially in the Forex market. There are worldly impacts that can be sudden, causing a market price to react in a drastic manner. That being said, due to the high risks the majority of traders, especially beginners, will lose their initial deposit. Furthermore, it is possible to lose more than your initial deposit depending on if you utilize leverage on your account. Always consult a financial professional before investing and ensure you properly understand all risks involved before entering any marketplace.

Here at Mtrader.com we aim to provide you with all the knowledge necessary to properly review the Forex market, the brokers and the platforms involved. There can be companies with questionable reputations, but you can ensure we will not promote those brands. We attempt to reduce risk associated with selecting your chosen broker and platform by only reviewing reputable companies.

Forex is a growing market and offers you many opportunities to trade and invest!