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Play of the Week!

Trade Review

I picked these two BIDU trades, from Monday, April 11 at 9:35ET and 2:21ET as "Plays of the Week" because we had some really great readable and profitable news momentum on this one.  These are trades we went over live in the MTrader chatroom showing charts. The second one we also tweeted as it was setting up. Read More>



Trading Articles...

Exiting Trades Too Soon?

by Shawn Wolff

On days like we had yesterday, when action heats up and we see larger drops or climbs in the market, I always hear the same complaints from daytraders. „Why didn‘t I hold my long position a bit longer?“ „Look at that big climb I missed!“ „How could I be so stupid?“ „Why can‘t I ever catch the bigger gains instead of being shaken into settling for the smaller ones?“. We tend to beat ourselves up with regret, when what we should be doing is asking ourselves whether or not we reacted rationally to the information we had at the time. Read More>


Seven Frustrating Things That Struggling Traders Do 

by Shawn Wolff

Recently, a couple people I know packed up and quit trading after struggling for a long time to hold their heads above water. They didn’t make it. This isn’t unusual of course - this profession has a high failure rate - but it frustrated me.

It frustrated me because I could see potential in them. I don’t believe you have to be particularly talented or intelligent to be a successful trader, but they seemed to have a grasp on the market and the necessary love of trading. They had the tools, they had the knowledge, they had the time and they had the funds. It also frustrated me because I could see the pressure they were under that contributed to their failures. Most of all though, it frustrated me because I could clearly see what they were doing wrong, and so could they, but they just couldn’t stop from making the same mistakes over and over.

Why?  Read More>

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MTrader Membership Includes...


Advanced web-conferencing technology allows you to listen to running audio commentary, see real-time streaming charts, and read text in the two separate chatrooms. Listen in and speak directly to Ken and the MTrader crew while they trade. Get help immediately.


The Trading Room

with Ken Wolff

The focus of this room is professional

high-potential momentum stock trading, with tight risk management.  We go where the momentum is, and that usually means the hottest high-volume news plays and market leaders.



We offer beginners and those who are struggling, a complete step-by-step technical trading system.

We follow ETFs and a small basket of stocks closely every morning, to teach trading strategies and techniques in real-time and ingrain the importance of a disciplined, systematic approach.


Daily Trading Classes

Every day from 12:30 to 13:30ET

we offer the opportunity for you to ask questions and gain the experience of traders who have been at this for over ten years... This gives you the opportunity to reviewthe strategies and methods that were put into action during the morning trading. 

All classes are emailed to members so you don't miss out if you couldn't make it. And you can always email your questions.

Read a Sample Class


Early Trades Advisory


Ken's daily morning email gives his assessment of the premarket action, market news and any early trades

that he will be focusing on.


Intermediate-Term Momentum

These trades are a bit longer-term, using stocks or options, intended to build portfolios a bit more slowly.  They are

ideal for those who don't have time to daytrade, but still want to use momentum to build their savings.  

Sometimes a swing trade. Sometimes

a trend trade. Sometimes a long-term investment. Always a tight control on risk, and always following the momentum.

Read More >


Options Trading

Due to the increasing interest in stock options trading, and the advantages they offer with higher leverage and less required capital, we have added stock options trading to our daily routine. 

Using the same system of momentum stock trading, we are achieving higher profit margins with smaller capital investments, using options.  And as always, we are maintaining our philosophy of "keep it simple and keep risk low".



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